Share your Story

Share your story in the upcoming new book, The Voice Behind The Child!

Having a child with a disability or a chronic health condition is challenging.

Even with supportive friends and family, it’s easy to feel alone. Hearing someone else’s experiences and hopes can ease the feeling of isolation and can help you carry through to the next day.

Parents, caregivers, now is your chance to share your story, to let your voice be heard – and to inspire others in similar situations. Send us an experience you’ve had with your special needs child – positive or negative, it’s up to you – and see it published in The Voice Behind the Child. You may remain anonymous or use a pseudonym if you choose.

All contributors will receive a free (minus shipping and handling) copy of the book upon its publication. To receive this copy, please add your address below.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to contribute.

Please note: We are asking that all stories be between half a page to 4 pages long, set in Times New Roman, double spaced.
We want every voice to have the same space to share their story.

    "Yittel works with my daughters' as their speech therapist and she is amazing! She makes them feel comfortable and knows exactly what to help them with. Both my girls look forward to their sessions with her.:

    Rivka F.