Little Leapers Program

Your preschooler is unique.

Little Leapers has a unique approach to help your child soar.

Whatever your child’s unique challenges, Little Leapers is prepared with unique solutions. We carefully screen, evaluate, and diagnose your child so that we can develop an effective treatment program. We’ll also work hand in hand with you to address any concerns that arise along the way.

Your child has a whole world in his heart.

Little Leapers gives him the freedom to express it.

Children and parents both experience intense frustration when they cannot communicate effectively with one another.  At Little Leapers, language development progresses hand-in-hand with articulation. That means we are working to develop your child’s vocabulary and language skills, while s/he is also learning to speak more intelligibly, all at the same time.

You will see, less struggling and more smiling

We make therapy look like child’s play.

Our therapy sessions utilize play-based strategies to ensure that your child is on board with treatment in the most natural way possible. Play-based treatments allow children to express individuality, progress toward goals at a faster pace, and connect with the speech language pathologist in a trusting relationship.

Should I be concerned about my child?

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